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This is the website for the Royal Herbert Pavilions, a luxury development of apartments in Woolwich created through the restoration of the Royal Herbert Hospital.

The building has a unique and interesting history, not least because it was the first specially built military hospital in the country and the first, military or civilian, to utilise the pavilion design.

This website contains a brief history of the hospital, plus information for invited visitors to the building such as location maps. There is also a section where residents who are selling their properties can provide details.

Royal Herbert Hospital

Postcard view of the
Royal Herbert Hospital


Residents can also access a private website which allows them to obtain the latest newsletters and information from the Freehold Management Company and enjoy internet facilities which are not available to the public.


History of the building

An essay charting the building's history and the famous names involved in its past


Visitors' Information

Information for invited guests, including location maps


Flats for Sale

Details of apartments which are currently on the market


Residents' Site

Residents can login to a private website for the latest information and communications


Contact Us

Details about how to contact the Management Company for the building


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